Universe (1.1)

Explore the universe with stunning photos, videos, simulations, and facts! This interactive science book contains 37 pages, 78 hi-res fullscreen images, and covers topics ranging from stars to galactic superclusters.

----- TOPICS COVERED -----

Delve deep into stars, galaxies, nebulae, and more with this carefully curated look at astronomical topics:

• Sights of the night sky
• The universe today
• Galaxies
• Galaxy types (spiral, elliptical, etc.)
• Nebulae
• Stellar nurseries
• Stars
• Main-sequence stars (red dwarf, yellow dwarf, blue dwarf, etc.)
• Star lifecycles (protostar, main-sequence, giant, etc.)
• Dead and dying stars (supernovae, white dwarf, neutron star, black hole, etc.)
• Solar systems (plus simulations of nearby solar systems including our own)
• Globular clusters
• Galaxy clusters
• Superclusters
• The cosmic web
• Formation of the universe

----- KID FRIENDLY -----

Augment your child's school or home-school education with this in-depth look at outer space!

• Made for an 11+ audience
• Easy to use page navigation and search
• NO ads
• NO in-app purchases

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