Universe – Lite (1.1)

Explore the universe with stunning photos, videos, and facts! This interactive science book contains a select 8 pages and 28 hi-res full screen images from the full version of the app "Interactive Minds: Universe"

----- TOPICS COVERED -----

Get an overview of astronomy with the following topics:

• Sights of the night sky
• The universe today
• Galaxies
• Nebulae
• Stars
• Formation of the universe

----- KID FRIENDLY -----

Augment your child's school or home-school education with this overview of outer space!

• Made for an 11+ audience
• Easy to use page navigation and search
• NO ads
• NO in-app purchases

----- FULL VERSION -----

For a more in depth look at the universe, consider buying the full version. The full version contains an additional 29 pages of content and 50 fullscreen images!

----- LEARN MORE -----

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